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Our cutting-edge digital carbon solution platform equips you with insights to adeptly and efficiently tackle climate risks.

Carbon Neutral Compliance Platform

Data anomaly detection patent, digital co-pilot technology patent application

  • Reliable carbon accounting system
  • Climate risk and opportunity management
  • Collaboration across all stakeholders

Features service customized according to company needs


Convenient and Reliable Carbon Management
  • Verification response level scope 1,2,3 and product unit
  • Automatic data collection
  • Collaborative data quality
  • International standard/internal reporting support

Goal Setting and Management

Risk Reduction and Operational Cost Savings
  • Carbon neutral goal setting
  • Industry-specific reduction strategy/economic analysis
  • Custom strategy, strategic resilience scenario
  • Reduction support project proposal

Regulatory Response

Easily Respond to Complex Regulations
  • Allocation management
  • Emission rights ledger
  • Emission scenario analysis

Supply Chain Management

Simplified Scope 3 Management
  • Data sharing between supply chains and partners
  • Improving the carbon data quality of companies/organizations



Domestic and international environmental regulations
  • Announcement of IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards) sustainability disclosure standards
  • Announcement of mandatory climate disclosure for listed companies by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)
  • Announcement of EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism(CBAM)
Carbon management requirements of partners
  • Carbon disclosure reflected when bidding by the ordering party
  • Increasing requirements for international standards ClP, GRI
  • Need for unit of product received in the management of scope 3 by the ordering party
Demands of consumers and investors
  • The hardest thing to manage in ESG is E data and strategy
  • Climate change is a risk that companies must respond to
Earth's call
  • Improving the climate of the only Earth we all live on through carbon management


Strengthen competitiveness by preparing for climate risks
  • Smooth regulatory response
  • Securing a competitive edge in transactions with customers
  • Preventing legal issues related to climate
  • Attracting investment
Operational cost and energy saving effects
  • Collaboration among stakeholders, automation of simple tasks
  • Operational cost savings through systematic data management and analysis
  • 10~15% energy savings through real-time monitoring
Improved company image
  • Improved company image as eco-friendly
  • Attracting customers
  • Attracting talent

What's different about

Collaboration and connection synergy & Customized digital carbon neutral co-pilot provided

Customized Carbon Neutral Co-pilot
  • Easily and systematically manage company carbon
  • Provide carbon management guide tailored to each industry and company
  • Provide intuitive interface and guide
Collaboration and Connection Synergy
  • Effective communication with practitioners through collaboration
  • Data collection, analysis, reporting, certification and disclosure, reduction
  • Effective task management between teams
  • Thorough data security through user permission settings
Reduction project recommendation, customized support project
  • Provide carbon reduction ideas suitable for industry, size, and situation
  • Support for actions for reduction
  • Customized for company industry, size, and situation
Connectors & Open API
  • Provide easy carbon management API
  • Possible to collect and provide data by connecting with other systems